Monday, July 19, 2010

Lost of things happening at Recycle cycles recently now this its summer. There are some new volunteers at the shop who are really helpful and are also learning a lot about bikes. Some volunteers went to a Smart Commute day breakfast and promoted R.C. as well as networked with other Hamilton alternative transportation groups.

Thanks to Al we will shortly have stickers to put on all the bikes that are sold here at R.C. This will also help to promote the shop and get people to come by with there bikes.

There are some events coming up I might as well plug.

Fist is an alleycat race. Its a bike messanger style race where fake packages are picked up and droped off at different check points. This is happening on Aug. 22 at 2pm. Meet in the parking lot at Bayfront park. Race fee is $20 but all money is going to activist legal fees. Plus there are going to be prizes.

Second is BikeBike. BikeBike brings together bike projects like recycle cycles and gets them all to meet. There are workshops on all different subjects pertaining to bike culture and bike projects. Like how to start your own co-op. BikeBike is happening in toronto from Aug. 12-15th.
Check out their website for more details.

happy riding

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Now that its spring time again I hope everyones getting back on there bike. Every day I see more and more people out on the streets. Maybe Hamilton is finally realizing bikes are the best way to get around. Or have I just not noticed this small but amazing bike culture in the city before.

Its been getting more and more busy here at Recycle cycles with the weather warming up. We've sold a lot of bikes already so we're going to need some help building up more. If you're looking for a bike feel free to build one up yourself, asking any questions you may have. Thats what the volunteers are there for. Last tuesday was bike club night at Mountain Equipment Co-op where Recycle Cycles had a table and talk to people about what we do.

Well thats it for now. If you're having any trouble with your bike don't be scared to come on by with your smiling face and wench a little.

I'll leave you with this video:

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bikes for Haiti

It's been pretty quiet here at Recycle cycle during the winter. That spare time enabled us volunteers to fix up 20+ kids bikes and donate them to the Good Shepherd who are sending all the bikes to Haiti. Thanks Good Shephard!

Pictures coming soon.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Winter Workshops at Recycle Cycles

-Basic Bike Tune-up-
November 24th

This workshop will teach how to adjust your brakes, change a tube and set up your derailers. These things are normally the most important to take care of first. Why spend $30+ for someones eles to do it when you can do it yourself.

-Womens night-
December 8th
this night is dedicated to women only! No Boys allowed. Come out and work on your bike or talk about bikes without feeling intimitated.

-Winter bike maintenance and riding -
January 5th

Winters in hamilton can turn your bike into a useless rust ball, unless you know how to take care of your important mode of transportation. we'll let you know how to keep your bike running and how to avoid problems people face in winter with snow and the cold. Also tips on what to wear while riding all winter long, and how to stay safe on the ice and wet roads. Stories of riding in the winter welcome.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Recycle Cycles is volunteer run, community based non profit bike co-op. We take donated bikes, refurbish them, and make them available at a very low cost so anyone can get an eco-friendly/alternative use of transport. The bike co-op is also a space where you can come fix your own bike by using the shops many tools and draw on our volunteer's "expertise" (sorry, but we don't fix your bike for you). Recycle Cycles is also a social place were all can come to chat about our life happenings in hamilton. The cost of the bikes provides income for recycle cycles to cover rent, insurence and with new tools. We have experienced voulunteers who would love to see you get that old bike up and running again.

Recycle cycles wants to be a catalyst for change to a more bike friendly city, a positive place where people feel welcomed and a hub (pun intended!) for many bike related events in hamilton. This blog will keep people informed on the latest happenings at Recycle cycle and spead bike advacy throughout the city. Please feel free to stop by and check out the shop. We would also be very glad for any volunteers, and especialy woman volunteers to even out the vibe.